Bus-Rail Transit Comparison

Compiled By Rails Inc, March 2013


Energy Consumption (Fuel Economy) 180-330 Passenger Miles per Gallon or Equivalent 600-900 Passenger Miles per Gallon or Equivalent
Vehicle Life 12 Years 25-40 Years
Right-Of-Way Life 30 Years 30-50 Years
Security Driver Stuck With The Job (Divided attention) Transit Cop Can Ride Train
Independence From Traffic Generally None Moderate to Nearly Total, Depending On Track  Separation
Operating Cost Recovery (From Fares) 20-25% 50-100%
Role In Development Routes Can Be Moved On Short Notice Permanent Route Fosters Long-Term Planning
Matching Capacity To Demand Add More Busses, Each with Its Own Driver Add or Remove Cars as Needed
Public Acceptance Avoided By Most People Who Can Afford A Choice Popular With All Ages, Colors and Income Levels